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Increasing numbers of people are choosing organic food and drinks, in order to reduce consumption and use of synthetic materials, including pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

Despite only have three core ingredients (grains, yeast and water), a number of synthetic materials are often used in order to produce a whisky. For example, barley is usually sprayed with pesticides in the field. If the barley is to be stored for a prolonged period of time, it may also be treated with insecticides during storage.

The use of synthetic materials, such as pesticides and non-organic fertilisers is very recent in the span of human history. Whisky was not always produced with the influence of synthetic materials. In a long history of whisky production, the length of time in which no synthetic materials were used, far outweighs their application in recent times.

For those who would prefer to enjoy a dram of whisky made in the natural, traditional way; free from pesticides and harsh chemicals - the Organic Whiskies website is for you.

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